Cake Decorating Liability Insurance

Red Star Insurance Brokers is pleased to partner with the Australian Cake Decorating Network to provide discounted Public & Products Liability insurance to it's members.

Become an ACDN member BEFORE YOU TAKE OUT THE INSURANCE POLICY and save $100, which is more than the ACDN membership fee!

Not only will you get cheaper insurance, you can also take advantage of the other discounts and benefits on offer to ACDN members. Click HERE to see the full list of ACDN member benefits!


This policy provides Public & Products Liability cover. Public & Product Liability Insurance covers you for essentially two things that may arise from running your business:

  1. Personal Injury to third parties (e.g. someone gets food poisoning from your cake)
  2. Property Damage to third party owned goods
There is one Master Policy and all clients are covered under and share in the one limit of $20,000,000. This Master Policy has a common expiry date of 31 August 2018.

*Subject to acceptance criteria.

LIMIT $20M   
ACDN Member $189 per year*  
Non-Members  $289 per year*  

To be eligible for this scheme:

You must be a sole operator. (If you are in a partnership or employ staff please advise when applying and we can discuss alternate cover).

You must also hold a FOOD HANDLING CERTIFICATE - Please click on the link below to complete your Food Handling Course ($16).

Note: Premium is for cover from date of acceptance until 31st August 2018.

Premiums are NON-REFUNDABLE. ie If you cancel your policy there is no refund payable.


Insurer: Berkley Insurance Australia (via Protecsure Insurance Underwriting Agency)
Excess:  $500

Claim Scenario 1

You bake a wedding cake for Bridezilla and inadvertently use an ingredient that is past it’s use by date. A number of guests at the wedding including the bride fall sick and are taken to hospital suffering food poisoning. You are sued for pain and suffering and are also hit with a massive legal bill to defend each claim. All up you owe $230,000. Thankfully you took out a Public & Products Liability policy which covers such claims.

Claim Scenario 2

Young Johnny’s birthday is coming up and Johnny gets what Johnny wants – an extravagant dinosaur cake with smoking nostrils. All is going well until Johnny suffers an allergic reaction and ends up in hospital. Turns out you accidentally contaminated the cake with traces of nuts from the job before. The judge awards against you and you not only have to cover your legal costs but Johnny’s parents legal costs as well. Thank goodness you took out a legal liability policy through Red Star Insurance Brokers which covers both the award and the legal costs.